Learning Maths Online: self-learning platform and tutoring combined

Compared with other subjects, it can be easy and effective to learn maths online. Unlike English for example, maths is not subjective or open to interpretation. Maths involves using algorithms (“recipes” or sets of instructions) to compute answers and solve problems. Maths is therefore perfectly suited to computers and to learning online.

There are many programs and services available for maths online. These include:

  • Video courses
  • Worksheet and problem generators
  • Interactive tools to solve problems

These services tend to be widely distributed and incomplete in that they fail to combine all of the elements necessary to have a complete learning experience for maths online and to simulate the quality of learning in the classroom or with a private tutor.


How can Tutify help learn maths online?

This is where Tutify comes in. Tutify offers two specific benefits over other providers of maths online.

Firstly, Tutify combines all of the services mentioned above in one place, in an easy to use platform. This means students (and teachers) do not have to scour the internet to find the exact worksheet they need and then look for a separate service to allow students to interact with the problems on that worksheet and check their answers. With Tutify, all of these services are located in one place.

Secondly, Tutify provides the additional service of 1-on-1 private tutoring.

Many students find it difficult to learn maths online and independently. There are typically several reasons for this but one of the main reasons is that they do not know where their gaps lie.

All knowledge can be thought of as a “cathedral” in which bricks are stacked on top of each other. If students fail to master foundational skills or knowledge, it is very difficult to build on that knowledge and progress.

The problem is that most students do not naturally have a good awareness of where their gaps lie. Whilst intelligent self-learning tools go some way to guiding students in the right direction, these do not offer any insight into weaknesses in thought patterns or bad habits when solving problems.


How can tutoring help learn maths online?

This is where 1-on-1 tutoring comes in. The main job of a private tutor is to identify these gaps or weaknesses and rapidly address them to enable students to progress. It can be difficult for teachers to provide this assistance simply due to class sizes; to become familiar with a student’s thought patterns takes dedicated, focused attention that most teachers simply cannot provide due to time constraints. Tutors therefore fill this role.

Tutify provides trained professional tutors to enable students to take their skills and knowledge to the next level. We combine this with a comprehensive suite of technology tools to give students the best chance of realising their potential.

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