As schools go back, many parents will be asking themselves this question. Here is the answer:




It depends.

All of the above…?

Allow me to explain.

Yes. One-on-one tutoring is widely regarded as the most effective and reliable way of achieving mastery in a skill or area of expertise.

No. Children come to rely on private tutors to teach them the content and motivate them when they should really be learning how to study by themselves.

Depends. Everyone is very different. Some people are academically gifted; others struggle. The classroom doesn’t cater for different learning speeds and so those who have fallen behind could benefit from one-on-one support. For those who want to get it ahead, it may also be beneficial (although may have broader consequences for the classroom). For others who don’t feel they need a tutor, or don’t respond well to their tutor, it may actually be doing more harm than good.

However! Tutoring is very expensive for all the reasons explained in one of my other articles. As a result, you should make sure that your child definitely NEEDS a tutor and that your tutor is having a positive effect (more on that later).

My opinion is that, in most case, private tutoring is beneficial, and the evidence supports this. This is particularly true when students need one-one-one attention to correct poor thinking habits or confidence issues. But it can also be true for those looking to be challenged and to expand their horizons. Ultimately, private tuition is the fastest route to mastery.

Tutors and Role Models
In fact, private tutors are more than simply private teachers. Hiring a private tutor can have a huge range of other spillover benefits. Having someone from outside of the family- and school-world of a student, someone who has accumulated wisdom and experiences, can open their mind to ideas and knowledge that may change their whole outlook on life and education.

It is for this reason above others that I personally believe private tutors are worthwhile and I believe that every student should have access to some personal tutor-mentor, whether it is for academic support or simply to offer guidance and the wisdom of someone who has gone through it all before.

So where do you get one of these tutor/mentors?
Well, most tutoring agencies are very unlikely to be able to provide a decent tutor. This is simply a logistics problem — they don’t have enough tutors and can’t manage them all anyway. Plus, they’ll charge you a FORTUNE to cover their overheads.

“28% of survey respondents said they paid more than $91 per week on tuition” — Australian Tutoring Association, 2011

The best way of finding a good tutor is through word-of-mouth, however, this requires you to talk to your peers about tutoring and admit that little Johnnie is struggling and needs a tutor…

Whilst word-of-mouth referrals will almost guarantee you a quality tutor (as they have been vetted by your peers), it can still be hard to work out a mutually convenient time and place. More often than not, it doesn’t happen (around 40% of tutors are found using referrals), and you’re forced to go to the open market… cue months of hopeless, miserable searching!!

So, what next?
Never fear! There is hope yet! We are here to help. Tutify helps people like you to find great quality tutors and mentors to help your child reach their potential!

Ok, how do you do it?
Well, it’s simply really. We use advanced technology to TRAIN tutors to be professionals and to GUARANTEE that they deliver exceptional tuition services.

No other company out there does what we do. And because we go out of our way to help high-achieving individuals become professional tutors, we have the largest group of high quality, loyal tutors available in Australia.

This means that we can hand-pick the right tutor for you based on personality, location, availability and expertise. And even if it doesn’t work out (sometimes, it is inevitable), we can dip into our unrivalled pool of professional tutors to find an exceptional alternative.

In fact, we will ALWAYS find a tutor that suits you and your child.

Great, so once you’ve found a tutor…?
Finding a tutor, however, is actually only half the battle. The other half, is working out whether your tutor is effective, and therefore, worth it.

This is usually quite difficult. Education takes time, and so it may be a while before your tutor starts to have a visible effect. Additionally, school reports tend to only appear once a term at most and so you have very little to go off besides the word of the tutor and the demeanour of the child.

With Tutify, you will NEVER be left guessing. We have built-in reporting that shows you week-on-week how your child is developing. You can see for yourself, exactly where your child’s gaps are and what your tutor will doing to close them.

So it’s expensive, right?
Wrong. Because we help tutors to save time and effort, they don’t have to charge as much as an independent or a tutoring agency. Finding a tutor through Tutify is therefore much more AFFORDABLE than any other means. So once your child exceeds expectations on their exams, your only problem is how to spend all that money saved! A good problem to have if you ask me.

Tutoring can be a very rewarding experience for children, parents and tutors. Tutify exists to make this outcome as likely as possible and to create a more educated world in which your child will thrive and deliver on their potential.

If you need a tutor, we will help you find one. You can also try our app for free and see what you think.